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Self-Love : Treat yourself better By Srishty Verma

BySrishty Verma

Apr 1, 2022
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Today, we are going to talk about treating yourself better with more care with more patience. It’s not an article my friends, it’s a message. it’s a message for those who feel stuck in their life, those who can’t treat themselves better. I hope better days find you a lot sooner than you think. One of the most important things is knowing when to give yourself a break. You’re allowed to breath. You are allowed to relax. Please, don’t burn yourself out. “Relax, Breath. It’s okay, you have time. Take it day by day and allow things to unfold as they’re meant to. Your life will happen according to its own timing, and you will become the person you’re meant to be.

You will find new people to have deep conversation with, you will find a new place to feel at home in. reason to be genuinely excited to wake up in the morning. You will find a someone who will reinvent your tainted version of love. You will find a way to reconceptualise you’re feeling and turn to healthy way to cope. You will find a way to live every day with inner peace and appreciation for everything you have.

Treating yourself better is as important as we treat others, and stop waiting to care for yourself once you feel ‘deserving’. It’s normal to fall into slumps, and we need to give ourselves extra love and nourishment during these times. Do not wait to tend to yourself once you feel on top of the world again, do things you love when you’re not doing your best, because those are the moments you need it most. You are worthy of feeling loved and care for, go where your energy is appreciated. you deserve to be around people that appreciate you. Just look at how strong and beautiful you are, just appreciate yourself, this time with more care, with more attention. Today’s reminder: what you seek, is seeking you.

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