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Since this Covid-19 stage, our main concern has to be now in maintaining our health system. We need to be both mentally and physically fit. If we today neglect our health and work constantly, there comes a time when our immune system becomes totally weak. And 90 percent chances are there, that we are bound to catch this deadly disease of Corona virus.

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We, humans, must believe in our abilities or our potential that we have. If we do not understand this fact, we will most surely fail in Overcoming our fears. The moment when we doubt our efforts, that is the point when our progress starts declining. ‘Who can understand you better than yourself?’ If you have […]

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World Cancer Day is an international day marked on Feb 4 that targets misinformation to raise cancer awareness and reduce its stigma. This day is led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to support the World Cancer Declaration’s goals, written in 2008. This Day’s main aim is to significantly reduce illness and death […]

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With this sudden outbreak of the Corona virus, almost all the Indian economic sectors have been adversely affected. Our Indian Education System has come to a standstill since the beginning of this Covid-19 situation and it is persisting even in the ‘post-pandemic’ stage. Whether it’s the schools or colleges, whether it’s the placement or the […]

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