Indian Education System Post Pandemic

With this sudden outbreak of the Corona virus, almost all the Indian economic sectors have been adversely affected.

Our Indian Education System has come to a standstill since the beginning of this Covid-19 situation and it is persisting even in the ‘post-pandemic’ stage. Whether it’s the schools or colleges, whether it’s the placement or the Entrance examinations, all the educational system and its working pattern have been seriously disrupted. Classes have been suspended and exams at different levels are being postponed or even canceled. The admission process has also been affected in almost all states of India. Most of the recruitment got postponed with this outbreak of this deadly disease. Students’ placement may also be concerned with Companies delaying students’ recruitment. The unemployment rate is expected to be increased due this pandemic.

The working pattern of the Indian Educational System has been affected. Be it Schools or Colleges; all have suffered significant losses both in terms of propagation of proper education and also in getting monetary gain.

The Online Teaching and Learning method proved to be a ‘failure’. This system created more a kind of chaos than solving the students’ queries. The so-called digital platform of e-education could not produce desired results as expected. Both the teachers as well as the students’ interest could not be built fairly. Moreover, the teachers could not correctly assess the students’ performance during this entire academic year of 2020. And it happened as this online education method has led to many unfair practices of cheating during the online exams. And hence, many schools and colleges have preferred to give ‘grades’ instead of ‘marks’. Another drawback of online education was that the rural and backward areas where the internet facilities are not so good, the students there could not follow this pattern and suffered a lot. Despite these significant problems, the e-education method still gave the Indian Education system a ray of hope. They had continued their curriculum during and post this pandemic with its help. 

When all the Educational Institutions will be re-opened, several norms will have to be strictly followed as per the Indian Government’s led criteria of teaching and learning method. From maintaining social distancing, wearing masks to the adoption of sanitisation rules must be kept in mind to tackle the spread of this contagious disease that had taken so many lives.

Though we know that the present Covid-19 situation had hit the core of our Indian Education System but still India has left no stone unturned in coping up with this serious situation of Covid-19. It will definitely take few years for the Indian Education system to bring back its smoothness. Everything will be on the right track with constant initiatives taken by both the Indian Government and the Educational heads from tackling all the employment and placement issues. The Traditional method of ‘face to face’ teaching and learning will slowly and steadily revive back the lost zeal and confidence among the students who will automatically improve their academic performances.

Article By: Salma Afreen, The Literature Times

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