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In any terms, life is beautiful because of its unpredictability and the manners in which destiny pulls the strings of human lives to make sure they end up where they are meant to be. An example bearing this impression is Khyati Gadhavi, who justifies the above line in her second book, “Love Me Till You Can: A Mesmerizing Journey of Aarya and Aarav.” From what may seem to be a mainstream college romance, the author takes time leaps that show the uniqueness of her work and creative abilities.

Gadhavi sets the work mainly in the areas of Gujarat, which would make a native reader feel connected instantly. But the story of Aarya and Aarav would make every reader feel related to the book altogether. Time leap usage shows how times change and people change, but one thing that does not change is how one feels about something or someone. These are a few features that make Gadhavi’s work more universal and show the young author’s observations.

In addition to this, the author talks about different themes in addition to the central theme of love. These include life experiences influencing a person and their choices, the significance of family tie-ups, student life, and the different challenges it brings for people in that age, the importance of having a practical approach towards life, enjoying the little moments, and making sure no memory is bad or unpleasant. Young readers would be able to relate to “Love Me Till You Can” because of the nature of the content and the references to student life that the author gives. At the same time, grown-up readers would feel interested as they would get a chance to look back to their earlier years and reminisce their lives through the author’s characters.

The language the author uses caters to the needs of an average reader. The plot constructs and unfolds at its own pace, and although the readers try to guess what could happen next, yet they remain glued to the action till the end. All readers should give this book a try and explore the world that the author has created in “Love Me Till You Can.”

<strong>Reviewed By:</strong> Akhila Saroha
Reviewed By: Akhila Saroha

Akhila Saroha, qualified to be a teacher in English inherited the love of reading from…

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