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Is it possible to love twice?

ByShaheen Kazi

Feb 6, 2021
The Literature TimesThe Literature Times

Love is a beautiful sensation and expresses a lot of things in silence. Wherever there is Love, there is no need to be practical. Love knows no bounds, no lines, no rules; that is why it is in your heart.  You desire to love again and again, but Love is also a dangerous flame. 

Love brings fantasies, wild imaginations, and if it is deeper, it also ruins your dreams. To love someone secretly is the most painful feeling, but to fall back into Love is the mysterious dealings!

Your heart is always young when you are in love, it beats harder than ever, but being in a committed gives violations for this wrong conduct.

It is a beautiful experience to find this love in books or movies, but not except actually. Some say, its extramarital affairs, but for secret lovers, it is only just Love.

Love can happen twice, triple or more with two different people and with the same intensity. But somewhere someday, a moment intervenes between the two, you have to go further and leave the other far behind.

 The only difference is that one advance to create new memories with somebody and the other stayed behind broken with only those memories.

So Love may happen twice, but more than that depends upon the circumstances in which YOU are, and where YOU will be. 

Article By: Shaheen Kazi, The Literature Times

By Shaheen Kazi

Shaheen Kazi is an Indian author originally from Mumbai and has lived in the Gulf (Saudi Arabia) for more than a decade and a half. After getting acquainted with IATA, she concentrates on her passion for writing. Her accomplishments include two books, 'AGE WAS JUST A NUMBER' (Romance Novel) and 'CUPIDS ARROW' (Poems) and two anthologies and many other upcoming projects. She also writes short pieces in Literature Times. Being an enthusiastic poet, author, writer, and creative thinker makes her a little unique in what she does. Books have always been her best friend; libraries and bookstores have always fascinated her from a young age. Mobiles are essential, but for her, the book is a beautiful world to live within. She is a non-kindle reader, and she can never read any book on kindle. She doesn't go anywhere without a book. She sees herself as the luckiest to continue her dream of becoming a novelist/poet and working on what she loves most. She firmly believes in being somebody when nobody thought you could be. Besides writing, she loves reading, travelling, knitting and singing. She is excellent in her culinary skills too.

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