An Interview with Author Abdul Ghaffar Author of the bestselling book “What- Reason Behind Every Desire”

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Abdul Ghaffar is a distinguished intellectual and accomplished professional in the business world, holding multiple degrees in Public Administration, Business Administration, and language and literature. With expertise in entrepreneurship, corporate training, and motivational speaking, he has earned accolades, including a prestigious Gold Medal during his studies in India.

The Rise Insight: First of all, congratulations on the tremendous success of your book, “What- Reason Behind Every Desire.” It has garnered quite a following since its release. How do you feel about its overwhelming reception?

Abdul Ghaffar: Thank you for your kind message and congratulations! I’m really happy about how well “What- Reason Behind Every Desire” has been received. The support from readers has been amazing and makes me feel grateful. Writing this book was a journey that had its challenges, but it was also very rewarding. Exploring why people desire things and what drives those desires was a topic I cared about, and it seems like many others do, too. I would like to thank Almighty, family and friends for their tremendous support and encouragement for getting things done. The positive response to the book is likely because it touches on something everyone experiences – wondering why we want things and what makes us want them. I hope the book encourages people to think about themselves and others in a new way. I’m excited to keep sharing thoughts and ideas with readers about the interesting world of human desires and motivations.

The Rise Insight: Could you share the inspiration behind the creation of “What- Reason Behind Every Desire”? What were the significant events or experiences that led you to write this book?

Abdul Ghaffar: Absolutely! I would be happy to share the inspiration behind the idea of “What- Reason Behind Every Desire.” It came from my interest in understanding why people do what they do. I noticed that our desires in life are significant and can impact how we live. I would like to re-quote what I’ve already quoted my CEO, Eng. Feras AlHumayed, in this book: “The bigger you think, the bigger piece of cake you will get in this world.” His words fascinated me, prompting a deeper dive into this concept.

Conversations with friends and reading about psychology and discussion with many business leaders intensified my curiosity about why we have desires. Listening to people discuss their own desires and motivations helped me realize that the heart, not the mind, is the epicenter of desire. Recognizing that understanding why we desire things can foster personal growth and better comprehension of each other’s life purposes, I decided to explore this further in the book.

The Rise Insight: As an author, do you believe “What- Reason Behind Every Desire” effectively captures your intended message, or do you anticipate exploring further themes in your future works?

Abdul Ghaffar: I appreciate your question. “What- Reason Behind Every Desire” certainly captures a significant aspect of my intended message, delving into the intricate connection between human desires and their underlying reasons. However, I also believe that the exploration of human motivations is a vast and ongoing journey, and there’s room for further exploration in my future works. While “What- Reason Behind Every Desire” provides valuable insights into understanding desires and their driving forces, I anticipate continuing to dive into these themes and finding the solution to translate these desire into reality in my upcoming works, aiming to provide readers with even more perspectives and insights that can contribute to their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

The Rise Insight: The abstract nature of “What- Reason Behind Every Desire” quickly captivates readers. Did you consider other formats or styles before deciding to write it as prose?

Abdul Ghaffar: The abstract nature of “What- Reason Behind Every Desire” indeed captures readers’ attention. When deciding on the format for the book, I did consider various options beyond prose. I contemplated using a more narrative approach, such as storytelling or case studies, to illustrate the concepts and ideas. Additionally, I thought about incorporating visual elements like diagrams or illustrations to enhance the understanding of complex ideas. Ultimately, I chose the prose format because it allowed for a focused exploration of the subject matter. Through prose, I could explain deeply the concepts, theories, and insights surrounding human desires and motivations. This format provided the flexibility to present a comprehensive analysis while maintaining a clear and direct approach to the core ideas. However, I remain open to experimenting with different formats and styles in future works, as each approach offers unique opportunities for engaging readers and conveying complex ideas effectively.

The Rise Insight: Though difficult to categorize, if you had to assign a genre to “What- Reason Behind Every Desire,” how would you describe it?

Abdul Ghaffar: Though “What- Reason Behind Every Desire” resists easy categorization, if I were to assign a genre to it, I would describe it as a mixture of scientific exploration, self-help, and psychological analysis. The book engages in philosophical observation by diving into the nature of human desires and their underlying reasons, encouraging readers to reflect on their own motivations. It also provides insights that can be considered as self-help, offering readers a deeper understanding of themselves and their desires, potentially aiding personal growth. Moreover, the book draws from psychological analysis, exploring the multiple interplay of emotions, cognition, and societal influences in shaping our desires. While it doesn’t fit neatly into a single genre, it offers a thought-provoking and informative journey that spans these areas.

The Rise Insight: As the author of “What- Reason Behind Every Desire,” have you been influenced by any other writers? Are there specific authors who have inspired your work?

Abdul Ghaffar: Certainly! Other writers have definitely influenced my personality and my book “What- Reason Behind Every Desire.” Authors like Simon Sinek and Brian Tracey have helped me think more about why people do things and make choices. Steve Olsher has also influence me through his book, “What is your What”. They talk about what and why we want things and how we decide what to do. I’ve also been inspired by the writing style of Robin Sharma, who talks about our hidden thoughts and feelings. The scientific research of HeartMath Institute, USA, has shown me how heart and mind communicate between each other and how heart influence the mind to accepts the desire which germinates in the heart. All these authors have shaped the way I think about human motivations and behaviors. But my book isn’t only about them – it’s also a collection of my own thoughts, experiences, and ideas about what we want and why we want things.

The Rise Insight: “What- Reason Behind Every Desire” has established you as a promising writer. Can we expect more literary offerings from you in the future? Could you share any insights into your upcoming projects?

Abdul Ghaffar: Of course, what I have done is not the destination, these are the milestone of my journey towards my destination. The feedback and appreciation of my readers make me more liable to return them with new ideas, concepts and practical approach for the successful life. So, you and readers have right to expect more and better and I am committed to give you better and better. In my next book, my readers can expect the process of achievement of their dream or desire.

The Rise Insight: Balancing subjectivity and objectivity can be challenging when selecting situations and crafting them in “What- Reason Behind Every Desire.” How did you approach maintaining an objective perspective throughout the book?

Abdul Ghaffar: It was tough to balance personal opinions and facts in “What- Reason Behind Every Desire.” To stay fair, I did a few things.

  1. I used lots of different real-life stories to show different sides of desires. This way, it wasn’t just about what I think.
  2. I also read lots of studies from psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, and talked with different people the way they think. This made sure my ideas were backed up by smart people’s work. I know there’s no one answer to why we want things, so I made space for readers to think too.
  3. worked hard to make sure my own thoughts and feelings didn’t take over. I had other people read my work and got advice from experts to help me keep things balanced.

In fact, my goal was to share lots of real stories, research, and different opinions to make the book about everyone’s ideas, not just mine.

The Rise Insight: The title “What – Reason Behind Every Desire” carries multifaceted associations. What is the story behind its selection for your book?

Abdul Ghaffar: As you may be aware, choosing a book title can be quite challenging. Once you settle on a title, you’ve already completed half of your writing journey successfully. Right from the beginning, I wanted to write something that could offer a comprehensive and clear understanding of success in life. In my view, the 3D concept (Define, Design, Deliver) seemed perfect. However, I also wanted a title on the cover that truly represented the book’s purpose. This is why I decided to use question words in a conceptual context. As a result, I chose the title “WHAT and WHY.” Yet, these question words didn’t fully capture the book’s true essence. To address this, I added a subtitle to the main title of the book, such as “WHY – Reason for Every Action” or “WHAT – Reason Behind Every Desire,” and so on.

The Rise Insight: “What- Reason Behind Every Desire” encourages readers to adopt an objective approach towards understanding life. How did you personally develop this perspective, and how does it manifest in your writing?

Abdul Ghaffar: Thank you for asking this question. ” What- Reason Behind Every Desire” indeed encourages readers to embrace an objective approach to understanding life. Personally, my perspective was developed through a combination of learning, self-reflection, and observing human behavior. This perspective manifests in my writing through a deliberate effort to present ideas in a balanced manner. I strive to avoid imposing my personal beliefs or biases, aiming instead to provide readers with a range of insights and viewpoints. In this respect, my personal development of an objective perspective has shaped the way I approach writing, allowing me to present complex ideas in a way that encourages readers to think critically and explore the multifaceted nature of life and desires.

The Rise Insight: Prior to the creation of “What- Reason Behind Every Desire,” how would you describe your literary journey and the experiences that shaped you as a writer?

Abdul Ghaffar: I’m glad to receive such a wonderful question from you! Reading and writing have always been a part of my nature. A simple fact is that if I see something written anywhere, no matter how many times I pass by, I read it every time. “WHAT – Reason Behind Every Desire” is my second book; my writing journey began earlier with articles in magazines. My first book, “WHY – Reason for Every Action,” was well-received by readers, motivating me to invest more time in writing. This book even led to my recognition as an Impactful Author in 2022.

The Rise Insight: Your book, “What- Reason Behind Every Desire,” presents unique perspectives in a simplified manner. What was the most challenging aspect of conveying such complexity in a more accessible way?

Abdul Ghaffar: Thank you for your kind words about my book “What- Reason Behind Every Desire.” Making complex ideas simple in the book was tough but worth it. The hardest part was finding the right balance between being clear and keeping the ideas deep. One challenge was explaining tricky psychology and philosophy stuff in a way everyone can understand. I needed to find examples that people could relate to. Another tough thing was keeping the book interesting while still making sure it made sense. I wanted to avoid using too many hard words or making things too complicated.

This was important so that readers wouldn’t get overwhelmed. I got help from readers and experts to make sure the book was easy to understand. My goal was to give readers interesting ideas that were also easy to follow.

The Rise Insight: Thank you for your time, and we wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors. We look forward to reading more impactful and thrilling books from your pen.

Abdul Ghaffar: Thank you for your appreciating and encouraging words and your time, too. I truly appreciate it. I’m excited about the future and will continue to put my best efforts into creating impactful and exciting books. Your support means a lot, and I look forward to sharing more with you in the future. Best wishes to you and your audience as well!

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