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An Interview with Author Abdul Ghaffar Author of the bestselling book “What- Reason Behind Every Desire”

About Author Abdul Ghaffar is a distinguished intellectual and accomplished professional in the business world, holding multiple degrees in Public Administration, Business Administration, and language and literature. With expertise in entrepreneurship, corporate training, and motivational speaking, he has earned accolades, including a prestigious Gold Medal during his studies in India. The Rise Insight: First of all, congratulations […]

“What – Reason Behind Every Desire” by Abdul Ghaffar is a profound and enlightening exploration of the human mind and desires.

It is often said that the abstract nature of human beings is always the difficult part to deal with and explain. Like other abstract and intangible emotions, desire is also one of the behaviors of human beings that can not entirely be stated. Neither can the reasons behind its development be explained directly. Abdul Ghaffar’s […]

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