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Book Review:”Journey of Perseverance – An entrepreneurial journey of perseverance towards the future” by Priyambada Mishra

ByPuspendra Thakur

Sep 28, 2021

‘Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.’

                                                           –       Jonathan Swift

While many have a vision for their lives, hard work and perseverance is where the challenges emerge. “Journey of Perseverance” by Priyambada Mishra is a self-help guide that brings together life skills and business tactics, allowing the readers to redefine their approach and strategies. The author has illustrated her life experiences as an entrepreneur to help her readers mould themselves into better business people and perhaps human beings. Throughout the journey, she has reflected an honest and practical approach through the obstacles she has faced.

‘Opportunities are plenty as in business and in life and success is entirely in your vision and mission.’ Although, every self-help book motivates a person through philosophy and powerful words, this book has provided practical solutions and ways through which one can really build motivation to achieve higher levels of success. Starting from scratch, Priyambada Mishra in “Journey of Perseverance,” first asks the question that forms the fragment of all decisions; ‘Why?’ Why is it that anyone would choose the field of business? As the readers proceed forward, a clear mind map develops, and things start getting clear. They come to know the reason behind one’s ambition, the very reason behind existence, as this question deals with aspects greater than that of just business.

Indirectly, she guides the readers into finding answers to important questions that have significance beyond prediction. For example, the author says that she wanted to be financially independent, get out of poverty, and cater to her unfulfilled desires and difficult circumstances. These were the catalysts to success that drove her towards her goal. Since she had this clarity of thought, her success became certain as she was focused and her approach became specific. “Journey of Perseverance” hence becomes not just a mere document having messages of helping selves, but replete with a living example.

In “Journey of Perseverance” the author shares an anecdote that she once jumped in water without knowing how to swim. Through this instant, she highlights how pushing one’s limits and taking challenges are the necessities of moving forward. Another vital part of growing is listening to stories of successful entrepreneurs, as every entrepreneur has their own story and their own different way of telling it. It is commonly said that every story has its share of lessons due to the diversity of experiences. This makes the act of listening to others of utmost significance for every young member of the generation.

Mishra further talks about the essential starting five years of one’s business career in “Journey of Perseverance.” She talks about how investments in business plans and watching cash reserves take precedence over all things in the first year. With a practical approach, she explains the significance of the initial years. After one has grinded through the first four years, they reach the milestone of the fifth year, where they need to see themselves not just as a survivor, but a conqueror who has refined and matured, who has seen mountain spikes and climbed mountain peaks! It is due to the experience they acquire that they become wiser in handling the challenges that would lay ahead.

After going through the basics and mastering the day-to-day things in the field of business, one shall probe deeper with the power of imagination. ‘Persevere to achieve the invisible, which to you is always visible.’ Through this approach, the author not only inspires the readers but reinforces their faith in hard work and themselves. Civilization is built upon the continuous progress of humanity. Business strategies and marketing started the day people started trading. Gradually, humans evolved with the advancement of technology and new methods of trade. Technology will always be the driving factor to thrust your graph of profit upward. There are a lot of other things which the author has talked about in “Journey of Perseverance,” things that the readers may have noticed but not observed. Her perspective of seeing things may influence the readers to quite an extent, and they may also adopt it to achieve their dreams.

“Journey of Perseverance” is one book that would be an enlightening read for many readers, and it sure would encourage them to take the risk and achieve what they desire. Life lessons and strategies in the entrepreneurial world, this book covers almost everything and anything a person requires to succeed. A must-read for those who have self-doubts and want to explore the world of business. Due to the crispness of thoughts and the language the author uses, the book may be enjoyed by all who may or may not have an interest in entrepreneurship. Even those who look for real-life examples of success stories would find Priyambada Mishra’s journey in “Journey of Perseverance” through her words catching their interest in no time.

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