Book Review Hybrids: Clash of The Elementals By Prisha Dixit

When life presents unimagined circumstances and unpredictable situations, the undiscovered side of a human personality comes to light. This could be for both the positive and the negative, but as it is considered that untold circumstances bring untold reactions. “Hybrids: Clash of The Elementals” by Prisha Dixit is one such book in this regard. As interesting as the title is, the book does indeed present a plot which rich with hybridity and depicts a unique story altogether.

The blurb of the book is enough to get a reader hooked on it. It is interesting to see how the author uses a few words but builds up an entire universe that both suffices the imagination of the readers and excites it at the same time. The readers would notice the author using the term “annoying twin sister” and understand its significance because it is so relatable in a sibling relationship. This is from where the readers develop a connection with the book. As a result of this, the readers give all their attention from the beginning to the very last pages of the book.

The plot is woven in a fascinating and intriguing manner at the same time. It is full of suspense, mystery, plot twists, and anticipation of what is going to happen next. At the same time, the mystery behind the unpredictable nature of life and how it can change the situation into something else permanently lurk in the background. This makes the book all the more relatable and gives it the necessary humanitarian touch.

“Hybrids: Clash of The Elementals” is one such book that would give a unique kind of experience to all readers after they have completed it. Dixit writes a book that is vast and massive in its content and yet concentrated in terms of the book-length. At the same time, the readers would find a lot to gain from this book; it would give them a sneak peek into a lot of different things, things that belong to the fantasy world, a journey into the untold world, a journey of self-discovery and simultaneously, discovering the strength of human bonds.

Towards Chapter 4, the readers may be reminded of Percy Jackson and how they had to fight off the monster before entering Camp Half-Blood. There are many mythological elements that the author uses in the book. The readers observe and admire the bond between the twins. Battling against all odds and displaying a united front, the author shows the bond in beauty, purity, and it’s not being tainted by the evil ways of the world and at times entertaining too, especially with Jackson and Selene in the picture.

While the novel is serious and hovers between life and death in the novel, there is also a hint of comedy and entertainment in the other level. So, there is no space to be bored with this one.

Another unique feature of “Hybrids” is the technique that Dixit uses in writing the book. She hands over the narrative to the central characters, and they speak for themselves. They become the showrunners of their lives, and the author abstains from pulling strings. This helps them appear more individualistic and true to life. Since they speak to the readers directly, the lines between a reader and character are blurred, and hence the readers feel closer to them as a person.

The plot is constructed in a manner where the story is quite consuming, unfolds at a fast pace, and keeps the readers hooked throughout. Through the narrative technique, characters, and the plot, the author introduces her writing to the readers, and they would be left hoping for more. Although there are many things in this book, the author has woven them in such a way where they blend in and make the book a great read. There is a little bit of everything in this book. Mystery, suspense, excitement, fear, worry, being united by blood are just a few things among the bunch that the author packs up the book with.

Also, The writing style of the author is very clear and straightforward. It can be understood by anyone out there and can be very well perceived. She uses a language that can be understood by readers of all age groups, and hence the book can be read by all readers, irrespective of their ages. The chapters are short, crisp, and leave the readers in suspense and wonder. This adds up and enhances the theme of suspense and reinforces the excitement in the readers. Overall, the book can be read by all those who are looking for some refreshing and new content for reading and also those who want to have an experience of the new worlds which are shaped by the unpredictable changes in life.

Reviewed By: Akhila Saroha

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