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Best Blogs on Indian Stock Market to follow

BySrishty Verma

Oct 20, 2022
best-blogs-on-indian stock market to learn investingbest-blogs-on-indian stock market to learn investing

In our new stock series, all we are doing is keep updating you, what’s exactly going in our stock market and investing company. As we already know our big printing press such as economics times, The Times of India, Grows, and a lot more English newspapers and blogs keep us update about what’s exactly going in our economic market. But Today through this blog I have a great news for our Hindi readers. I am going to tell about Top 11 Hindi blogs in stock market to follow for stocks series and Investment.  It for those who wants to invest in stock market but didn’t able to keep themselves updated or couldn’t understand some English investing terms.

1. Apnaplan 

Our First name in this series is Apnaplan.  Apnaplan is one the best investment blogs who helps to keep us updated about what’s going on in our market in every simple language.  Amit Kumar the founder of the Apnaplan started his blogging in 2011, in his blog he covers topics such as insurance, Finance, and Mutual Funds.  It is one the simplest and nice finance blogs for all the beginners. It is a best stock market blogs to read.

Website to visit: https://www.apnaplan.com/

2. MoneyGyaan

Second in this list we have MoneyGyaan. Again, is one of the best Hindi Blog for all Hindi readers who wants to learn more about Money, Investment and Insurances related terms. It was started in the 2016 by Santanu Debnath.  I will say Santanu Debnath is someone who try to gives all basic to advance financial advice to their readers. Majorly he talks about insurances, investment, and financial advice in his blogs. It is a best stock market blogs to learn about investing.

Website to visit: https://moneygyaan.com/

3. Basunivesh

Our third blogger is one of most demanding and oldest bloggers. He started his blogging in 2012. Basavaraj Tonagatti founder is one of the experienced bloggers who mostly covers all Finance and Investment related content in his blogs. It is for those who wants to take keep themselves updated about finance. It is also a best blogs to learn about stock market.

Website to visit: https://www.basunivesh.com/

4. Safal Niveshak

In this list next, we have is 2010 blog Safal Niveshak, which is founded by Vishal. It is one the oldest blog in this list to read. Vishal the founder of Safal Niveshak loves to talk about Investment advice, stock analysis in his blogs. He is one of the most wise and experienced bloggers which his readers found in his blogs. He also created Podcasts for those who don’t have time to reading his blogs and books for those who loves reading his investment and stock analysis. This website is best for those who wants to get more knowledge about Stock Analysis.

Website to visit:  : https://www.safalniveshak.com/blog

5. Punji Guide

Our next most popular blogger in this list is Punji Guide. It is one best Share Market blogs for Hindi readers. It is best for those who wants to keep their Share Market knowledge updated. Raj Kumar is the founder of this Blog and they have Linked.in profile as the name of Punji Guide. Normally he covers all Mutual funds, stock market and investment related topics in his blogs. He is youngster and trying to keeping our youth. 

Website to visit: https://www.punjiguide.com/

6. Share Market Hindi

Six in this list we have Share Market Hindi. I will say it is one the best blogs for Hindi readers and specially for those who wants ta learn about Share Market, Founder of this site Deepak Kumar motive is to give all knowledge about Share Market from basic to advance. It is one of the best blogs for both beginners and advance level learns, who wants to increase their Share Market knowledge.

Website to Visit: https://www.sharemarkethindi.com

7. Nitin Bhatia

Our 7th blogger is Nitin Bhatia. Again one of the most experienced and old bloggers. He started his blogging career in the year of 2011. He says now a days “it is very hard to make money from your money” and specially for those who don’t know how to invest and where to invest. Nitin Bhatia tries to cover all money related quires in his blogs with every easy and simple language. 

Website to visit: https://www.nitinbhatia.in

8. PoonjiBazaar.com

It is one of the oldest finance blogs, which was created by Jagdesh Bhatia. He has almost 25 years of market experienced, which makes him one of the best persons in this whole list to give a financial advice. in his blogs he covers all stock market, mutual fund, LIC and insurances related update. Again, it is one of the top most option for our Hindi readers.

Website to Visit: https://www.poonjibazar.com

9. Dr Vijay Malick

Our next and again one of the best finance and investment adviser.  Dr Vijay Malick is someone who started his blogging with his own name and now become of the best financial adviser in India. he sells his own E-books and products in all over India. he is someone who tries to give the answers of millions of people who needs any kind of financial advice.

Website to Visit: https://www.drvijaymalik.com/

10. Shabbir

Our next blogger name is Shabbir Bhimani. Again, one the best financial consultant who talks more about stock market and investment related content.  In his blogs and book, he covers all kinds of stock related and investment related topics. He mentors our young Indian investors to understand how our Indian Stock market works.  

Website to visit: https://shabbir.in

I hope these websites are helpful for our Hindi readers who wants to Learn more about Finance, Share Market and Investment related knowledge.

11. Stocks Insight India

It is a new blog. We can find about basic knowledge of stock market from this blog. In this blog you informed on the most recent market news, stock analysis, and business results to help you make money in the stock market. In addition to this blog, also have a YouTube Channel with the same focus. Keep an eye out for the updates and helpful information.

Website to visit: https://stocksinsightindia.com/

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