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Author Anindita Das creates humor in an atmosphere which is full of worries for all

ByAkhila Saroha

Jun 26, 2021

As the pandemic of coronavirus hit people’s lives, more than any word, chaos would be the word that can define how they were affected. At the same time, this gave an opportunity to writers to explore this mishap in their writings from different perspectives. Among the many, Anindita Das, in her “What The Pandemic Learned from Me: A Hilarious Antidote to the pain that Corona dealt us,” takes an innovative and novel approach to talk about how life was affected, changed by the rise of the virus and continues to remain so to quite an extent. While the book may for once be considered to be among its counterparts which cropped up as the pandemic broke out, the witty banters that the readers get to see in the author’s words and the manners in which the author creates humor in an atmosphere which is full of worries for all.

When the readers see the title, they are baffled at the thought of what a pandemic could learn from a human being. But as they read the subtitle, it becomes clear that what they are going to read may appear serious, yet there is going to be a relief which would come only by reading the author’s words. They also get a fresh new perspective to see the pandemic as to how there can be learning and lessons for all in this tough time. The mention of a statutory warning, in the beginning, hints at the fact that the work is born from a serious concern but is going to take the readers on the laughter riot in no time. The author resorts to both a unique kind of style of writing and humor where she may appear to be deeply personal, yet all that she writes seems more or less a collective thought. More or less, the book represents what happened in the lives of most people.

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In “What The Pandemic Learned From Me,” which is less than 100 pages, the author packs the book with a variety of thoughts which is stemmed from the course life took when the world was confined to their homes. To share this, the debut uses sarcasm, humor, and elements to tickle the readers, and they smile as they read through while they are also able to relate the same with themselves in their lives. In a time when the pandemic has unleashed enough negativity and stress in lives, the book comes as a rescue to just everyone who reads it. The author, through her skills and educational background, writes in a different style which makes her work one of a kind and stands out of the league of any work written, keeping the pandemic in the background.

For the most part of the book, the readers remain oblivious to the fact as to how the author is humoring both herself and the many like her, but she certainly talks on just every point and situation that readers would have encountered after the time they were confined to their homes. While the world was reporting all that was happening outside homes, Das writes about what conspired within the four walls and how people were forced to adapt and adjust to the new normal. Above everything, the author conveys one message profoundly, to accept and embrace however life comes because there is no other option.

For all those who have read other writings keeping the pandemic in the background, “What The Pandemic Learned From Me” would strike as a different, out of the box and beyond mainstream kind of work. The book characterizes a bright, optimistic, and antidote-sort of approach to relieving oneself of the stress, trauma, and negativity that surrounds humans at large in the hope of a better tomorrow. As a debut writing, Das sets a different league for herself by not just playing with the words of language but also building up phrases, sarcasm meanings that can be decoded instantly. With the usage of such tools, the work appears mature and hilarious. This ensures that the book can be read by people of all age groups. Even those who would want to understand how people’s lives were affected in the pandemic in a covid free world can come back to Das’ debut work and read it to know how life was within the 4 walls. While they would undoubtedly understand their fundamental point of concern, they would also get an introduction to the young talent who saw potential in the current situation and converted this time into an opportunity. All readers, whether they read fiction or non-fiction, should try reading “What The Pandemic Learned From Me,” not just to know how life changes and forces everyone to adjust to the changed situations and people do when they have no choice, but also gain a different perspective to see things in a positive manner in life.

Book Title What The Pandemic Learned From Me: A hilarious antidote to the pain that Corona dealt us
AuthorAnindita Das
Reviewed ByAkhila Saroha
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Published byEvincepub Publishing

By Akhila Saroha

Akhila Saroha, qualified to be a teacher in English inherited the love of reading from her father and grandfather. Being from literature and educated from the most prestigious institutions of India, her flair of writing developed in experienced hands and she emerged with her multi talents in no time. Her love for literature is defined by the fact that in her free time, she takes a plunge into the world classics to enrich her knowledge and improve her skills. Apart from that, she reads newspapers regularly to stay connected with worldly issues.

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