Book Review “Veer Trivedi and the Dream Realm” by Kavika Sharma

Veer Trivedi and the Dream Realm

A work of Fiction is not worth until and unless it has these all including the main theme, characters, setting, tension, climax, resolution, plot, purpose and chronology for a powerful story.

About the book:-

The book titled “Veer Trivedi and the Dream Realm” by Kavika Sharma is referred to an ‘Ancient Codex’ (A codex is essentially an ancient book, consisting of one or more queries of sheets of papyrus or parchment folded together to form a group of leaves, or pages). This book is a fictional story book including different plots paving their way to one climax. It has 24 subplots also referred to as the chapters. Each and every chapter starts with a mysterious feeling left in the minds of every reader. The book revolves around a story about Veer who wanted to stay out of trouble, but that becomes extremely difficult when she accidentally comes into a world filled with wonders and many hurdles -the Dream Realm. The only way she can return to her home world is by behaving as such to them, as if she was a great champion and completing the quest that will decide the future of all realms. As death or a terrible event in the future which couldn’t be avoided, appears as a shape that is not clear and in a way that seems frightening on every Veer and her companions, who were filled with most of the questions unresolved, must find the fragments of the Ancient Codex, while avoiding getting eaten, beaten, or challenged to a dance-off by the nightmare creatures who will do anything to see the Dream Realm fall.

Not only these, but there are illustrations found in between the chapters presenting an eye catching factor for both children and older readers!

Overall everything seems more interesting with the rise of the level and proceedings of the plots in a story format! The readers must read every plot with a keen observation to have a vivid and precise knowledge of every subplots and the story outline. Doesn’t that sound interesting? Yes it does!

To know more, the book must get a chance to be read and be included in the book shelf! Therefore, The title best suits the book and it is well justified with the plots and story outline presented by the author.

About the Author:-

Kavika Sharma is an independent filmmaker, author and screenwriter. Due to a shortage of swords and domesticated dragons, her fantastical dreams were cut short and she ended up with a degree in Psychology. While it didn’t result in any mind-reading abilities, it helped her realise her passion for storytelling. Now, she spends most of her time writing action-packed adventures, dangerously witty characters, and a dash of comedy.

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