Top 15 Best YouTube Cooking Channels in India

Top 15 Best YouTube Cooking Channels in India

In this article I will be going to tell you a skill which we all want to learn that is cooking, through this article i will shed some light on Top 15 Best You Tube cooking channels in India. just by following those channels we can learn how to cook like chief by our own self.

1. Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

First in this list we have most expected name in Indian Food chef, no I mean Padam Shri Master Chef, Sanjeev Kapoor and his most popular show Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana. He is most of the senior experienced and humble chef in Indian food history. He has 6.88 million subscribers with both national and international audiences. No doubt he is one the best person to follow for any food advice. 

2. Chef Ranveer Brar

Next in our list we have Ranveer Brar, again a most popular and well-known Chef to India’s young generation. Chef Ranveer is someone who can make cooking so simply and easy to cook, along with that we try to share the history of food and origin of dishes which he cooks on his show. He has 4.75 million subscribers on his channel.

3. Your Food Lab

Our next Chef in this list is Chef Sanjyot Keer, he is the fresh and innovative chef in this list. He knowns very well that what his viewers looking for in food and try to match the expectation of his subscribers. If you are new in cooking and wants to cook simple but some with fresh look chef Sanjoyt can guide you.  He has 3 million subscribers on his channel.

4. Tarla Dalal

Next in our list we have Chef Tarla Dalal, another well-known name on the list. Chef Dalal’s Channel’s is the perfect start for all the beginners, because she is someone who elaborate dishes and prepared with grace. She has 1 million subscribers on his You Tube Channel.

5. Ajay Chopra

Next in our list we have Chef Ajay Chopra. He is the person who brings authentic recipes from all corners of the countries and present them with his personal spin. One of the best channels for all the foodies and give them always the great ideas of new dishes. He has 407K subscribers on his channels.

6. Manjula’s Kitchen

Next we have Chef Manjula ji.  Chef Manjula’s Kitchen is the channel you need when it comes to learning the best vegetarian recipes. She makes her cooking very basic and easy to cook. Chef Manjula’s channels is the perfect choices for all vegetarians and Vegan meals. She has 596K subscribers on her channel.

7. Nisha Madhulika

Next in our list we have the one who is immensely popular for her simple and reliable videos, chef Nisha Madhulika. Her channel is for those who wants to bring a creative twist in their old boring food items. Chef Nisha will guide to bring when it comes to food. She has 12.4 million subscribers on her channel.

8. Hebbar’s Kitchen

Another channel in this list we have Hebbar’s Kitchen. another best channel for all Indian Vegetarians viewers, they have health snacks ideas with some amazing Vegetarians dishes. Hebbar’s Kitchen has everything. They have 6.38 million subscribers.  

9. Kunal Kapor

Next in our list is again the most popular chef and becoming three-time judge of MasterChef India Kunal Kapor. His videos mainly depend upon Indian traditional recipes (mostly northern) that are super simple yet pack with a lot of killing flavours. He started his channel in 2009 and now have 3.46 million subscribers.

10. Vahchef Vah

Our next channel is Vahchef Vah, owned and founded by Mr. Sanjay Thumma. He is not just popular in India but also very popular in Europe, Australia, and countries like Northern America where he is reviving Indian cuisines and taking them to the next level with his flavour twists. He has 2.35 million subscribers on his channel.

11. Cooking Shooking

Next name in this list we have Cooking Shooking, owned by Yaman Agarwal. On his channel he features every Indian authentic food with some simple but classy touch on it. His dishes are fun, quick and easy to cook. He has 10.9 million subscribers.

12. Kabita’s Kitchen

Our next channel in this list is Mrs. Kabita Sing Channel. She has easy 4pm snacks to awesome dishes and desserts options on his You Tube Channel. Chef Kabita’s channel is best for those who wants to learns street recipes, festival delicacies, neat cooking hacks to healthy dishes. She is like a complete package to her viewers. She has 10.1 million subscribers.

13. Food Food (India)

Our next channel is most popular and India’s first 24×7 food and lifestyle channel FoodFood, owned by Turmeric Vision Pvt. Ltd. (TVPL) and Mogae Consultants. The channel is not only enhancing our cooking skills but also build our food knowledge. They have 155.86 million subscribers. 

14. Bhavna’s Kitchen

Our next channel is Bhavna’s Kitchen. another best channel for all vegetarians across the country with hints of India root authentic flavours. This channel is best for those who want lavish dishes but also wants to keep the desi avatar of the dish. They have 203.81 million subscribers.  

15. Rajshri Food

Last in this food channel list we have Rajshri food, again most popular and loved by all aged food lovers. The teach most tasty dishes with full of health benefits and present them in a most simple manner in Hindi language. From oil-free pani puri to coconut cake they have everything in their list for there 186.53 million subscribers.

I hope this information is helpful to all of my food lovers’ viewers, just keep learning keep exploring, eat healthy and be healthy. Thank You

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