• Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024
Technological AdvancementTechnological Advancement

COVID Pandemic has Changed the various impact on an individual’s life, in both Negative and Positive ways. Due to increase of the coronavirus pandemic at an alarming rate, every individual has to revisit the global norms.

Advantages of technological Advancement after COVID-19:

  1. Technologies have improved online shopping and robotic deliveries

2. Technologies has drastically accelerated the digital and contactless payments

3. It has made remotely working more effective.

4. It has improved the quality and the value to distances education.

5. recently 3D printing was used to design surgical masks for the doctors involved in operating the individual who have been affected by COVID-19 disease.

Disadvantages of Technological Advancement after COVID-19:

  1. Increased dependency on technology.
  2. Increased security risk in relation to data and fraud.
  3. Increased risk of job cuts.
  4. Negative impact on students such as lack of interest in writing and reading. 
  5. Reduce the creativity of people.

And if we talk about the advancement of technologies after COVID. Here are few examples of it :-

Technologies have improved online shopping and robotic deliveries :- Online shopping is enhanced through robust where as robots are being used as the mean to deliver food supplies and other commodities.

It accelerated digital and contactless payment :- According to studies it was proven that the virus can stay on the surface for more than 24 hours. Thus, payment through cash is discouraged to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Digital / Remote working :- Technology has made working remotely more effective. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic globally.

Distance learning :-  due to increase number of patients infected with coronavirus, distance and online learning has improved among the students and teachers.

3D printing :- recently 3D printing technology was used to design surgical masks and some more medical equipment. Both Private and Government organization are using it. 

Well these are few advancement of new normal. and to be honest technology plays a very important role in Covid-19. 

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