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Shreya Talwar’s Latest Interview on Her Novel “Beyond Royalty”

ByThe Rise Insight

Sep 8, 2023
Author Shreya Talwar Interview

The Rise Insight: First of all, congratulations on the tremendous success of your book, “Beyond Royalty.” It has garnered quite a following since its release. How do you feel about its overwhelming reception?

Shreya Talwar: Thank you so much. It feels great when my creativity, hard-work and earnestness towards my craft is acknowledged by people and they are able to relate to my writing in the same way as I intended them to, so it definitely gives me a sense of satisfaction.

The Rise Insight: Could you share the inspiration behind the creation of “Beyond Royalty”? What were the significant events or experiences that led you to write this book?

Shreya Talwar: I have always said that my mother is my inspiration, my guiding light who always enlightens my literary pathway. She is the one who recognized my knack for writing stories and believed in the fact that I can write a novel. It’s her faith in my capabilities that helped me take on this journey of introducing the world to Daniel and Katherine’s story.

The Rise Insight: As an author, do you believe “Beyond Royalty” effectively captures your intended message, or do you anticipate exploring further themes in your future works?

Shreya Talwar: Yes, I do believe that the primary message of rediscovering the magic of love that I wished to convey through my novel – ‘Beyond Royalty’ has been beautifully weaved in the storyline. People who have read the novel till now, have had one common thing to say and that being how the strength of the emotion – love has been intricately woven at each stage of the story. I hope to continue to explore themes centered around human emotions in my future works as well.

The Rise Insight: The abstract nature of “Beyond Royalty” quickly captivates readers. Did you consider other formats or styles before deciding to write it as prose?

Shreya Talwar: I was quite clear in my mind that I wanted to convey my thoughts about love, emotions, relations and the significance they hold in our lives through the medium of a novel. I feel that a story conveyed in the form of a prose has the capacity to reach a large number of readers, and that is the very intent of my writing.

The Rise Insight: Though difficult to categorize, if you had to assign a genre to “Beyond Royalty,” how would you describe it?

Shreya Talwar: ‘Beyond Royalty’ is primarily a love story which is centered around different situations and characters, very similar to what we experience in life. This novel of mine aims at bringing this very line of thought forward that how important it is to understand that love and emotional bonding play a pivotal role in everyone’s lives.

The Rise Insight: As the author of “Beyond Royalty,” have you been influenced by any other writers? Are there specific authors who have inspired your work?

Shreya Talwar: I have always loved reading romantic novels. So, of course that does have an influence while I begin with the idea of creating one, but as I start working on the story in terms of its premise and characters, you will definitely find the uniqueness of my style of writing and creative thought process in it, which gives it a distinctive identity and makes it different from the other love stories. I believe this is a process that every author will identify with. Having said that, I am an admirer of Jane Austen’s literary work and the way she gives a strong voice to her protagonists is commendable.

The Rise Insight: “Beyond Royalty” has established you as a promising writer. Can we expect more literary offerings from you in the future? Could you share any insights into your upcoming projects?

Shreya Talwar: Thank you for the appreciation. Of course, I will continue to write more books hopefully in the fictional sphere and keep sharing many more stories that tug at the reader’s heartstrings.

The Rise Insight: Balancing subjectivity and objectivity can be challenging when selecting situations and crafting them in “Beyond Royalty.” How did you approach maintaining an objective perspective throughout the book?

Shreya Talwar: When emotions take the front seat in any story, I feel a relatability factor comes along with it. The situations that the protagonists sail through in my novel and the circumstances that they find themselves engulfed in maybe fictional, but the emotions are real. This is exactly what strikes a chord in the reader’s hearts, and they begin to identify with the characters journey as their own. So, all of this brings the much-needed objectivity to the novel.

The Rise Insight: The title “Beyond Royalty” carries multifaceted associations. What is the story behind its selection for your book?

Shreya Talwar: The title is metaphorically deeply blended and intricately woven in each part of the story. The title resonates with what is depicted in the novel. Without giving away the essence of the story, I can just say that once the readers read the complete novel, they themselves would be able to decipher as to why the novel has been titled as ‘Beyond Royalty.’

The Rise Insight: “Beyond Royalty” encourages readers to adopt an objective approach towards understanding life. How did you personally develop this perspective, and how does it manifest in your writing?

Shreya Talwar: With regard to the aspect of looking at things through a different lens, the credit goes to my mother who has such a beautiful outlook of looking at different situations that we encounter in everyday life and her understanding of the concept of emotions and bonding has surely shaped my thought process in a wonderful way. It has introduced me to a land where one can actually rediscover, reconnect and prioritize the line of thinking and emotions described in the novel. Also being an Army Officer’s daughter gave me an opportunity to come across a diverse spectrum and gain a deep insight into humanity.

The Rise Insight: Prior to the creation of “Beyond Royalty,” how would you describe your literary journey and the experiences that shaped you as a writer?

Shreya Talwar: I believe that when I began my writing journey, I specifically focused on a genre that I was comfortable with, as I was writing poetries earlier as well, but just as a hobby. So, I decided to begin my literary journey in my comfort zone. But as I took up writing as a profession and wrote a lot more, I realized that it helped me hone my craft and opened up the doors to explore different genres. Hence, I started writing articles, which always aimed at infusing positivity. Eventually, I realized that alongside this why not use the medium of a fictional story to share my thoughts with the readers. It’s a genre which keeps the readers hooked to the story and they find themselves in a sea of emotions, which as an author I want them to experience.

The Rise Insight: Your book, “Beyond Royalty,” presents unique perspectives in a simplified manner. What was the most challenging aspect of conveying such complexity in a more accessible way?

Shreya Talwar: Being able to convey the significance that emotional bonding holds and the strength that being surrounded by valued relations brings in our lives is a thought that I have always tried to convey through my literary works, by presenting it in different forms. I feel emotions by itself are not complex, because this is what finds a connect with the heart immediately. The fact that at times we do not give it priority over other materialistic aspects in the humdrum of life, is what makes it complex.

The Rise Insight: Thank you for your time, and we wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors. We look forward to reading more impactful and thrilling books from your pen.

Shreya Talwar: Thanks a lot for giving me the platform to have this heartfelt conversation.


Book Details:

Title: Beyond Royalty

Genre: Romance/ Novel

Author: Shreya Talwar

Publisher: Astitva Prakashan

Order Book: Amazon

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