Book Review : “A Girl with a Black Hat” book by PRANALI VIRA

author-pranali vira

Book: A Girl with a Black Hat
ISBN: 9781684872350
Genre : Crime Thriller
Publisher: Self-Published
Total Pages: 224

“Life has unexpected twists and turns, but our actions and reactions towards surprising situations determine our path towards the destiny.” Exactly, this statement creates our boho life; every individual has their own story whereby the tale lives forever to create a fictitious wonderland for people to narrate. “A Girl with a Black Hat” is one such route of the bizarre life that Nancy was living.

About the Author:

Pranali Vira is a femalepreneur but also an author who researches the wildest of people’s dreams and creates a book out of it. Her vision is to create a new trend in the field of literature by penning down influencing stories to engross the reader in the book’s world. Her first book, “A Girl with a Black Hat” is self-published while the second book, “Spark of Soul” is an anthology of biographies. She started a very motivating project by interviewing successful female authors around the globe and sending these interviews to the writers who aspire to turn themselves into renowned authors. She motivated many women in the field and is now again back to writing fiction and non-fiction novels.

Book Introduction: 

A Girl with a Black Hat is a fiction based crime suspense genre. Nancy, a normal girl, falls into an unexpected situation and the pit drags her into the past. Her hard-won acceptance is followed by her thinking about the nation and its people and taking steps to set things right. After being taken to a secret location concealed from the world, she contemplated the future. She goes to all lengths to find and bring all her lost companions home after her suspicious past. This chronicle not only includes the way crime is increasing but also shows a story that someday, someone might courageously take charge to eliminate it.

Book Title:

A Girl with a Black Hat” comes with a note that suspicion is one single element in the novella that lightens the entire mystery. A Black Hat has many connotations but one notion of a detective is never left behind. Additionally, the black hat also creates an image of an anonymous leader amidst the crowd. The name is chosen specially to give a gist that there is someone out there to bring out the revolution.

Reader’s Connect: 

This author has impeccable language skills, which allows her to mention the tiniest details of the plot, creating a realistic picture right before the reader’s eyes as they read. The way she has penned action and suspense makes a reader enthralled in the book and this is the best fit for fiction lovers whether they want to reach a point in life where they enter a fairyland and feel the scene themselves.


Knowledge is evident but can be misused easily. This book portrays an ideal world in which the young generation is more active and has more power and intelligence to prevent crime and make a country a better place. Tons of mystery and interesting plots to create an entire movie in front of the reader’s sight. The story is a progression of suspense and action and ends on a good note. While drug dealing is dangerous, it is the people who manufacture drugs that should be targeted rather than the addicts. One can accomplish incredible things if they dedicate their lives to something. Often, people, like those in the story, don’t reveal their identities but are giving more than their capacity for the people of the nation.

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