Physical Book vs Digital Book

Of late, there is a considerable discussion between choosing physical books against Kindle or eBooks. It is a common comment that books lovers come across, i.e. “eBooks don’t give us the feel. If a book is in hand, it feels closer to the story or the characters “. While this argument goes on, the advent of Audiobooks has taken the reading ritual a new turn. Now, the debate is “listening to a book against reading it “. Again, the readers are divided into groups in this debate. When some people feel comfortable listening to the audiobook, others look at it as ‘cheating ‘.

Physical vs Kindle vs Audiobook

People learn differently. Every person has their own style to gather knowledge. According to a survey, there are seven different styles of learning. This can be checked here: Types of Learning

Though people who are still not satisfied with the audiobooks, debatable points like:

1. Audiobook vs Reading comprehension
2. Audiobook vs Reading speed
3. Listening vs Reading memory
4. Audiobook selection and acquiring 

These all are always in discussion. People who stick to physical books are often categorised as ‘old school’ while others as rich and technically sound. 

 As an avid reader, I did not take much time to switch from physical books to eBooks and now to audiobooks. Keeping in mind the time taken to read, accessibility, affordability and most importantly, an individual’s choice, the focus should be more on the habit of reading but not the source. 

 What do you say, friends? Pour in your comments on this!

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