Book Feature: Write It Down A Creative Writer’s Handbook

About The Book :

Write It Down is a one-stop book for all the queries that a writer might have. It is a no-nonsense book, with every word contributing to the writer getting benefited. The book covers everything including:

  1. Brainstorming an Idea
  2. Fighting the Block
  3. Figuring out the Plot
  4. Creating Characters
  5. Developing the pace
  6. Narration and the story

It also covers how to Publish and Market the book. In a sentence, this book is a must-have for every writer.

About Devanshi Sharma :

An observer by nature, a writer by choice and a storyteller by passion—Devanshi is a combination of these. 21 years of being a part of the story called world, she has written four novels, namely Imperfect Misfits, No Matter What I Do, Unimaginably True and First Love Lasts Forever. Life for her means family and writing. She loves food and enjoys eating and trying different cuisines. Devanshi has pursued English Honors from Miranda House, Delhi University.

She is a person who dissolves gently with people but once she does, she makes friends for a lifetime. She likes reading Shakespeare and enjoys reading Indian fiction most, of which Manju Kapur’s Custody is one of her favourites. She also likes reading blogs on cricket and one of her favourite autobiographies is The Test of My Life by Yuvraj Singh.

Apart from writing, she enjoys to chat with people and share stories. Cricket and Football are her favourite sports to watch. A person who is closely knit with her family, they mean the world to her. She also likes to travel with her family.

Devanshi also started a group named ‘Mithaas’ with her friends, where their ultimate aim is to ensure that smiles and education is spread together! They help kids with things that they need to study better. The group has in the past had events where they helped kids to enhance communication skills and spent festivals like Diwali and Holi with them.

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