4 Best Books to Read in 2021

The Reading Challenge is one of the easiest ways to fall and stay in love with reading. There are many kinds of ‘Reading Challenges’ that happen every time a year starts. In this connection, when we talk about the ‘Reading Challenges’, it comes to pick up the 4 Best Books to Read in 2021.

Below is the list of the best 4 books from the top 25 that have been published to date

1. Last Call, by Elon Green

In this gripping true crime story about the Last Call Killer, who preyed on New York City’s queer men during the 80s and 90s, Green foregrounds the shamefully forgotten lives of the killer’s known victims.

2.Early Morning Riser, by Katherine Heiny

Few writers so memorably capture the quirky interior lives of their characters as Heiny, the author of Standard Deviation. She returns to form with Early Morning Riser, a wry and wise novel about the intertwined romantic lives of the residents of a small Michigan town.

3.Great Circle, by Maggie Shipstead

This sweeping novel, beginning in 1914 and clocking in at just under six hundred pages, revolves around two lead characters: Marian Graves, a thrill-seeking female aviator who disappears over Antarctica, and Hadley Baxter, the ambitious actress set to play Marian in a biopic a century later.  

4.After Shocks, by Nadia Owusu

Nadia Owusu is the daughter of an Armenian-American woman who all but abandoned her as a toddler and a larger-than-life Ghanaian diplomat who died when she was thirteen years old. That alone is enough to pull you into her story. Owusu interrogates her stateless, motherless upbringing in this dazzling memoir, reflecting on how she grew up both everywhere and nowhere.

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Swapna Peri
Swapna Peri
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