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An Interview with Rashika Ranjini – Whispers of a Snowfall

In a parallel universe, Rashika is sure to be a professional juggler, because in this universe, she certainly aspires to be one. Her mind-bogglingly diverse interests range from wildlife conservation to human rights advocacy, from mental health awareness to physical fortitude building, and from reading voraciously to scribbling incessantly. She dabbles in art, writing, and […]

Book Review: Whispers of a Snowfall by Rashika Ranjini

Winter is often portrayed as a cold, harsh season, but in Rashika Ranjini’s latest poetry collection, “Whispers of a Snowfall: Celebrating the Pensive Beauty of Winters,” she offers a unique perspective on this often-neglected season. Through her delicate and lyrical writing style, Ranjini captures the melancholic beauty of winter and explores the complex emotions that […]

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