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Self love : Be free feel free by Srishty Verma

BySrishty Verma

Mar 11, 2022

Today, we are going to discuss about just to be free and feel free. But why you need to ask this to anyone, after all This is your life. You are allowed to change your mind. To change your heart. You are allowed to be different person, to wake up one day and not want to do things you’ve been doing all your life. You’re allowed to love who you want. To move on from the people who are not good to you. To let go of anyone without any kind of explanation. Without any kind of regret. You’re allowed to make mistakes. To learn from them. Or not to learn from them and experience everything all over again. You’re allowed to forget past if you want to. Or to stay in it but you must also understand that this is not how you will grow. You’re allowed to change careers. to dress differently. To chase different dreams. To change locations, even if, at first, you’re terrified to do so. You’re allowed to dislike yourself eye to eye with. To work on them until you’re completely comfortable with who you are. This is your life. Make it count. Make your own validation. Your own path. Your own way of life. And as I always say it’s okay to feel sad in good time. You can have a whole lot of reasons to be happy right in front of you and still can feel off, still feel sad, sometimes emotions are too complicated for words or even sense. It’s okay to feel sad in good times, but just remember regardless what happens todays, the sun will rise tomorrow. And you are going to love yourself again, find a new job again, feel powerful again. you are going to be back on track. you are enough. And you are not broken. Trust me you will get yourself back together, you will you’re your little pieces. You will find yourself happy again. Until then don’t give up on that, don’t give up on you. You’re a lot stronger than you want to believe. Now breath. Just close your eyes and breath, feel your existence, feel yourself and see how free you are… and I always say, there are something which can be only find inside yourself, not in other people. Make sure you are searching the right place.

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