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The Indian startup ecosystem has seen significant expansion, fueled by favourable demographics, greater finance, and expanding technology. The Indian startup environment, which has traditionally been dominated by men, is fast changing as women get more involved in various business fields. Women entrepreneurs in India are transforming the face of the startup industry, not just as a portion of it, but as a whole, thanks to their sheer hard work and brilliance.

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“They that the truth is always harsh however this same truth becomes painful too for the ones who are made to believe in the lies and for those who considers the lies to be their truth. The false and made-up stories, which are presented as truth often leads to some major clashes when the real truth comes out!”

Veer Trivedi and the Dream Realm
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Kavika Sharma is an independent filmmaker, author and screenwriter. Due to a shortage of swords and domesticated dragons, her fantastical dreams were cut short and she ended up with a degree in Psychology. While it didn’t result in any mind-reading abilities, it helped her realise her passion for storytelling. Now, she spends most of her time writing action-packed adventures, dangerously witty characters, an

singer mith kaushik tere hanjua
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“तेरे हँजुआ” गीत जब से रिलीज़ हुआ है तब से लोगों द्वारा इस ट्रैक को काफ़ी लोकप्रियता मिल रही है। हाल ही में 18 May 2022 को इस गीत को हंगामा म्यूज़िक कम्पनी के टॉप 40 इंडिपेंडेंट (इंडी) सोंग की लिस्ट में शामिल किया गया है। सिंगर मिथलेश कौशिक (मिथ) ने बताया ये उनका पहला […]

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A fictional book framed by the imaginative ideas of a being can sometimes drive differently in the ocean of minds. Though one knows that the characters, plots, setting, is fabricated and based on the author’s imagination, we tend to believe it and get deep into the thoughts of the author tending to believe every inch of it. Added up to this, if the book remains suspense till the end appears to be more eye-catching and demanding along with the varieties in characters varying from one suspect to another.

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Saga of vinasha – Is the saga of ultimate vinasha the final destruction the ultimate apocalypse The story of things happening moments before the Shiva opened his third eye and started the dance of Tandava     

Semantics Of Basic Biology
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Author’s Background: Mr.Sireesh N.M. is a renowned Academic Author, whose calibre can be justified through his first book titled, “Semantics Of Basic Biology.” The Author has done his under graduation in Animal Science and he is pursuing his post-graduation in Assisted Reproduction and Embryology. He also holds his diploma in Advanced Medical Technology and various […]

author-pranali vira
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Pranali Vira is a femalepreneur but also an author who researches the wildest of people’s dreams and creates a book out of it. Her vision is to create a new trend in the field of literature by penning down influencing stories to engross the reader in the book’s world. Her first book, “A Girl with a Black Hat” is self-published while the second book, “Spark of Soul” is an anthology of biographies. She started a very motivating project by interviewing successful female authors around the globe and sending these interviews to the writers who aspire to turn themselves into renowned authors. She motivated many women in the field and is now again back to writing fiction and non-fiction novels.

author-pranali vira
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“Life has unexpected twists and turns, but our actions and reactions towards surprising situations determine our path towards the destiny.” Exactly, this statement creates our boho life; every individual has their own story whereby the tale lives forever to create a fictitious wonderland for people to narrate. “A Girl with a Black Hat” is one such route of the bizarre life that Nancy was living.

Naeem Sha
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To tell you honestly about my experience in writing, I shall have to transport you back many decades …to my schooling days in Hill Grange High School. Since my school days, I had an affinity for the English language and Literature. I have to mention two of my brilliant English teachers Mrs. Saldhana and Dolly Thakore who made an everlasting impact on me. But after school and college I never got to express my love for the language or could cultivate my desire to Author a book. Next by a stroke of circumstance I got into writing dialogues and screenplay for Hindi feature films and also directing Hindi feature films which was a 24/7 commitment – English language took a back seat.

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